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Adhesives - Synthetic Resin

ALPHAINDU-SH: Synthetic Resin Adhesive, Solventless PVAc based.

Typical Applications -
1. Its is used for all types of woods assembly, Edge bonding, Dowelling, Post forming, Hot Press, Finger joining, Wooden Flooring (where water seepage is not present)
2. It is used for bonding particle board/MDF/ply to each other and to laminate /veneer
3. It can also be used for bonding any two surfaces one of which can absorb water.
4. It is a best adhesive for bonding paper/card board/ thermocol, bookbinding, handicrafts, pencil manufacturing, paper tubes/cores etc.
5. Other uses are filling knots, holes & cracks in Timber& wood.
6. A general day-to-day usage adhesive.
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